While on an interview on Wednesday, 10th August 2022, with Isaac “Kaiyz” Kawalya, the Sanyuka Uncut Kalakata show host, Gravity Omutujju, was asked to give his opinion on domestic violence and why most celebrities beat up women. He jokingly said that “it is enjoyable” to hear someone cry as you beat them up.

This caused an uproar amongst internet users who called him out for praising domestic violence. Several members of the UOT (Ugandans On Twitter) immediately criticized the singer for making reckless statements about a sensitive topic.

Gravity’s comments came at a time the topic was trending after one of the artists, Weseal, was being called out for battering his partner.

Gravity came out and apologized for making reckless statements and cleared the air indicating that he was only joking and did not wish domestic violence on any woman.

“As Gravity Omutujju, I have never beaten any woman and wouldn’t wish domestic violence on any woman. I do not condone the act, and I apologize to whoever was hurt by my statements.”

Sanyuka Television also issued a public apology for airing the interview.


Evans Tamusange

Tamusange Evans is a Digital Journalist and Social Media Manager at Next Media the home of NBS Television. He handles social media for Brands like NBS Sport, Sanyuka and Next Production Limited He is a contributing writer for the Nile Post News, Sanyyuka TV and Next Com

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