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State Minister for Sports Denis Hamson Obua announced a new board of directors for Mandela national stadium | Courtesy photo

Massive overhaul as Minister Obua appoints new Mandela National Stadium board

After the expiration of the previous board’s term on 31st August 2020, the state minister for Sports Hon. Denis Hamson Obua yesterday 9th September 2020 appointed a seven-man board to manage the affairs of the stadium.

Flanked by the commissioner physical education and sports Omara Apitta, General Secretary National Council of sports Dr. Bernard Patrick Ogwel and Jamil Ssewanyana, managing director of the Mandela National Stadium, Obua made the pronouncement of the new board at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Sports in Kampala.

“I hereby appoint the chairperson and members of the board of directors with immediate effect for a period of three years. A number of factors were considered for the choice of board membership ranging from gender sensitivity, regional balance, mix of skills, experience, knowledge, among others,” Hon. Obua said.

Only Rosette Lubwama Kebba, the Chairperson of the newly appointed board was spared from the previous board of directors that has lawyer Anne Abeja, celebrated sports journalist and former USPA president Mark Namanya, educationalist Veronica Mukyala, Mustapher Achidri, Godfrey Wamani, and the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Butaleja district Jimmy Ebil Ssegawa.

The minister went ahead to explain the role of the board.

“The board of Mandela National Stadium Limited is to provide overall governance of the stadium. It is also in charge of policies and implementation of articles of association,” Hon. Denis Hamson Obua, Minister of State for Sport told the media.

Obua also defended the authenticity of the three land titles acquired recently and the safety of the national premises and he said that the facility is free and safe.

It should be remembered that in May 2019, Mandela National Stadium managing director Jamil Ssewanyana expressed concern as the facility had allegedly lost 60 acres of land to encroachers and went ahead to petition the land commission to help them evict individuals and companies that had grabbed half of 120 acres belonging to the facility who included Kasumba Warehouse, Mamerito Hotel owned by Mr. Mamerito Mugerwa the Mayor of Kiira Town Council, Samsuding Night Parking, Byakuleka Lodge and Inn, Terazone Construction who claim to be renting from Mamerito Mugerwa, and Brig Hudson Mukasa among others.

Sewanyana said as they have a plan to build an Olympic size swimming pool and a gymnasium to promote other sports besides football but those encroachers blocked their plans.

Later news broke that the facility’s land titles went missing. The Ministry of Land processed the facility’s title deeds after receiving directives from the Uganda Land Commission and on 27th August 2020, the same minister paraded three land titles in front of the media after being handed over to him by the ministry of lands and the new developments were block 234 plot 1334 (1.660 hectares), block 234 plot 6086 (12.6410 hectares) and block 234 plot 6087 (35.899 hectares).

The new developments became subject to criticism after associating themselves with some anomalies, which included Plot 3391 being split into two blocks using a title which had been declared lost by the Uganda Land Commission in 2010 and replaced by a special title in June 2011, yet the law says that once a duplicate certificate of a title is replaced by a special title, the duplicate ceases and cannot be used as proof of ownership.

By: Fredrick Kalyango

Twitter: @KalyangoFredri3

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