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Opportunity for Cricket to Shine as Sports Returns

The ban on sport was lifted on September 20th, but with more work for sports associations to ensure that player safety is a priority.

In the past, player health has not been prioritized; teams took health for granted, but in the midst of this pandemic, it is a priority.

The requirement of testing players, ensuring players don’t share equipment, masks, sanitizers and social distance is a must not a by the way.

The cost of meeting these requirements is of course enormous but there are no ways about it.

Even on a personal level, no one will be safe playing in an environment that threatens their own wellbeing.

However, therein lies the opportunity for those sports that are organized to shine.

While others are whining about the costs involved, the prepared ones can take the opportunity to show what they have got.

There has been no live sports for over five months. Media needs content to chew on while also the wider audience is desperate to watch something.

While fans are still not allowed in stadias, everyone is now looking for content online.

Telecom companies have even made it easy to follow sports with some juicy data offers that everyone can use.

For so long, cricket has lagged behind football, basketball and rugby in terms of viewership especially for fans coming through the gates.

With basketball and rugby uncertain about their plans and football returning in November, the time and opportunity is now for cricket to take the lead.

The cricket administrators have got an opportunity to take the lead in terms of showcasing what cricket can do. A short and impactful cricket tournament with a simple live stream will go a long way in helping cricket reach new audiences. Cricket will have the opportunity to showcase the game to potential corporate partners that can able to sponsor more cricket events in future.

An investment in a cricket event will go a long way in showing the potential for cricket in the country. With all other sports events still on hold, cricket now has the opportunity to take the lead and showcase the capacity it has to be among the top two sports in the country.

There is no doubt that football is still popular, but we can use this opportunity to make a case for cricket as a top priority sport as well.

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