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Emma Carlos Unveils Mariam Kugonza.

Emma Carlos Unveils Mariam Kugonza.
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Emma Carlos has unveiled singer Mariam Kugonza as his latest musical act following an announcement of his return to management earlier this week.

The veteran talent manager made this public through a conversation with this publication where he expressed his confidence that the Ugandan audience would receive Mariam.

According to Carlos, the artist has recorded an album that is in the pipeline for release by mid-month. Some songs you can expect on the album are Birimuye, Mpa Nkuwe, Oli Eyo, and Okuma Gwakyi among others. However, the top of the release agenda is Okuma Gwakyi, which is a lyrical masterpiece by Bad Character Records boss Kalifah AgaNaga. Additionally, the song has been produced by city producer Nessim.

Emma Carlos Unveils Mariam Kugonza.

With the release date coming up, Emma Carlos has assured the fans that Mariam is bringing new energy into the industry.

Managing Mariam Kugonza provides Emma Carlos with the opportunity to return to the pinnacle of a career that he had taken a break from. Carlos rose through the ranks of talent management in the mid-2000s as he handled top city acts such as Wafagio, Dream Girls, and Kalifah AgaNaga. Additionally, he was in charge of Coco Finger before the death of Moses Radio in 2017 cut short his stint with the Goodlyfe Crew, sending him into arts advocacy.

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