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Mariam Kugonza Collaborates With Coco Finger on the Dynamic “Mukikesa”

Mariam Kugonza and Coco Finger
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We all know dancehall singer Coco Finger is an artist capable of elevating any song he features on, and he certainly delivered on the freshly-released single “Mukikesa,” where he teamed up with newcomer Mariam Kugonza.

Released today, Friday, June 28th, Coco Finger infused the track with his signature electrifying energy, reminiscent of his early days in the music industry.

Opening the song with his characteristically vibrant style, Coco Finger brings an electric energy to this party anthem, delivering lines that are sure to become crowd favourites at concerts and shows.

Mariam Kugonza contributes her flawless lyrics, adding a unique vibe to the song. The collaboration between the two artists is truly impressive.

Produced by Renix, the song’s distinctive introduction sets the stage for a party vibe, and as it continues, it becomes clear that this is a magical banger that will get everyone dancing.

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