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  • Hellen Menta gets solo Show “TULI LUNO” on Sanyuka TV

Hellen Menta gets solo Show “TULI LUNO” on Sanyuka TV

Sanyuka Tuli Luno
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Sanyuka TV, Uganda’s leading mainstream television channel, has announced a new show aimed at the vibrant youth of the nation as part of its all-new weekend programming. The show, titled “Tuli Luno, will be hosted by the fast-rising, energetic and youthful Hellen Menta, marking her first solo show on the station since joining in 2023. ‘Tuli Luno” is set to captivate the hearts and minds of the everyday Ugandan youth, who will finally have a dedicated platform to discuss their issues, be themselves and celebrate their culture.

“Tuli Luno is designed to engage the youth in a variety of ways, combining entertainment with education to create an inspiring and empowering viewing experience. The show, airing from 11 am to 1 pm every Saturday, will have a weekly theme and discussions on different pressing youth issues in Uganda, such as education, employment, and relationships, all moderated by Hellen Menta. This is followed by the Events of the Week segment, highlighting vibrant youth activities like proms, music festivals, and sports days. Music lovers can look forward to the Trending Songs of the Week, featuring a countdown of the top five trending songs and discussions on the latest music trends. The Social Media Buzz segment, featuring a guest internet star, covers viral videos, challenges, and memes of the week. For movie enthusiasts, Movies to Watch Out For offers recommendations and trailers of upcoming films. The Upcoming Events segment previews concerts, festivals, and community gatherings, while the show also includes recorded field content such as interviews with young achievers and coverage of community initiatives. By combining these diverse segments, “Tuli Luno will be delivering 2 hours of an informative, fun and exciting show that resonates with Ugandan youth.

The show will tackle crucial topics including early marriages, school dropouts, mental health, cyberbullying, academic pressure, drug addiction, family dynamics, sexual orientation, and technology addiction.       In her own words, Hellen Menta aims to highlight the challenges faced by today’s youth while seeking solutions that can empower and support them on her new show “Tuli Luno”. 

Tuli Luno will also be available on all Sanyuka TV digital platforms: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and the Afro Mobile app, ensuring that the show reaches a broad audience both on television and online.

Tune in to Sanyuka TV from 11 am to 1 pm every Saturday to join Hellen Menta and be part of the conversation shaping the future of Uganda’s youth. Tuli Luno! 

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