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  • Nelson Buys Smartphone for 554 shillings in Sanyuka TV’s Bid Leo

Nelson Buys Smartphone for 554 shillings in Sanyuka TV’s Bid Leo

Sanyuka Bid Leo Winner, Nelson Byamukama
Email :1544

In the bustling streets of Kampala, where opportunities often seemed out of reach for many, Sanyuka TV’s Bid Leo auction is changing lives in unexpected ways. The air was filled with excitement as Byamukama Nelson, a dedicated viewer of Sanyuka TV, found himself unboxing his brand new smartphone live on air during the Music Jam Tunnyuke show on Monday 17th June 2024 which he had purchased for only 554shs. 

Nelson had heard about Bid Leo through the adverts running on Sanyuka TV after which he decided to participate in the live reverse auction to try and secure himself the smartphone that was available for as low as 500shs which is the minimum bid in the Bid Leo auction. He dialled *284*250#, followed the prompts, entered the auction with a bid offer of 554shs and eagerly waited for the results of the auction once it came to an end. To his surprise, he received a call from the Sanyuka TV team informing him that he had the winning bid in the auction and asking him to come to the Next Media park on Monday 17th June to pay and collect his smartphone. 

Bid Leo is a daily live reverse auction by Sanyuka TV where users enter live auctions with a minimal bid of just UGX 500. Unlike traditional auctions, Bid Leo employs a unique bidding process where the lowest unique bid ie the lowest bid made by only one individual wins. This exciting format allows participants to purchase items at incredibly low prices daily with daily winning bids announced in the Music Jam Tunnyuke show at 5.30 pm once the auctions close.  

Byamukama Nelson was excited and pleased with his smartphone and appreciated Sanyuka TV and Next Media for making it possible for him to purchase a brand new smartphone for just 554shs. The daily Bid Leo auctions will be hosted live on Sanyuka TV, with real-time updates sent to participants throughout the day via SMS. Auctions run in a 24-hour cycle with notifications sent to participants in advance to ensure participants have ample time for their final bids.

Participants can place bids through USSD by dialling *284*250# and online at

Here’s how to get started:

USSD: *284*250#

  • Dial *284*250# on your mobile phone.
  • Select Bid Now from the welcome menu.
  • Choose the Open Auctions and select the item you want to bid on.
  • Enter Your Bid Amount (must be above UGX 500).
  • Accept the Bid Ticket Amount of UGX 1000 and follow the prompts to enter your PIN.
  • Participants can place multiple bids on the same product, enhancing their chances of success.


  • On a browser enter the URL
  • Scroll down to Live Actions
  • Select the submit a bid button on the item you want to bid on
  • Select Payment Method (MTN/Airtel)
  • Enter your mobile money number of the payment method (256*********)
  • Enter the bid amount you would like to buy the item for (above UGX 500)
  • Your Mobile Money shall prompt you to enter your PIN and deduct UGX 1000
  • Wait for a BIDLEO SMS to know your bid status

Bid Leo offers an extensive range of items, ensuring there’s something for everyone from school fees, cash, fuel and shopping vouchers to household electronics like cookers, fridges, televisions and personal gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops. 

Stay tuned to Sanyuka TV or follow Sanyuka TV online via @sanyukatvug to find out what items will be on offer in the daily Bid Leo auctions. 

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