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Transforming Ugandan Schools: Hon. Mubaraka Munyagwa Calls for Practical Changes.

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Mubarak Munayagwa on Sanyuka TV

In a recent chat on #SanyukaBigendaBitya with Anna Talia Oze, Hon. Mubaraka Munyagwa shared his thoughts on Uganda’s schools. He talked about the habit of parents picking schools to show off rather than thinking about what’s best for their children.

Munyagwa says waking up early and travelling far for school isn’t necessary for young children. He suggested a rule that children should go to schools close to home, not more than one kilometre away. Also, he wanted buses to stop picking up children who live far away.

“There is a school in Kenya where influential figures in Uganda send their children,” he said. He questioned why these ‘important folks’ don’t prefer expensive local schools.

Mubarak Munayagwa on Sanyuka TV

He also spoke about schools changing fees, making parents believe there’s a lot of studying by making their children carry bags full of books. He shared his experience, scoring 18 in O-levels and 57% in law studies. He compared it to children from fancy schools who failed, saying those schools focus more on passing exams than understanding the subjects.

Lastly, he asked the government to change how we teach. He wanted a curriculum that included important skills like using advanced technology. He said we should move away from traditional crafts to teach children things like AI.

Hon. Mubaraka Munyagwa suggested simple changes, like going to nearby schools and parents taking their children to schools they can afford. He also wanted the government to update what children learn to be more practical and useful in today’s world.

Mubarak Munayagwa on Sanyuka TV

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