Sanyuka TV and DEBU & FI Initiatives Partner to launch ‘The business class’ show

Sanyuka TV
Group CEO, Kin Karisa with partners

Kampala – Tuesday, April 9, 2024: Sanyuka TV, a Next Media brand, has announced a new partnership with Deepening Economy, Business, and Financial Inclusion Initiatives (Debu & Fi Initiatives), a renowned business content creator and think tank.

The collaboration aims to provide a platform for the trading and business community to learn, engage, and exchange information on standard business practices and opportunities through “The Business Class” show, airing every Sunday from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM.

Recent developments such as the discovery of oil, rising living costs, challenges in doing business, and advancements in finance and manufacturing technologies have sparked increased interest in economic issues. While acknowledging the significance of other areas like politics and entertainment, there is a growing interest in business and economic matters for the foreseeable future.

Key areas of interest include youth employment, trade opportunities, agribusiness, and wealth creation, crucial for Uganda’s competitiveness in regional and global markets.

Renowned journalist and television host, Sir Simon Muyanga Lutaaya, will host the show, bringing his extensive experience to the table.

The partnership aims to promote financial literacy, inclusion, and innovation in finance and technology while amplifying the voices of real business players. 

“The Business Class” will serve as a platform for policymakers, service providers, consumers, and clients, offering solutions to trade and business challenges.

Ultimately, the partnership aims to foster better business practices, increased profitability, and enhanced contribution to the country’s tax revenue, empowering citizens and contributing to national development.

About Debu & Fi Initiatives Limited

Deepening Economy, Business, and Financial Inclusion Initiatives (Debu & Fi) is an economic think tank dedicated to promoting modern business practices and enhancing economic understanding in Uganda. Supervised by a board chaired by Mr. Nabeeta Samuel Mmulowooza, Debu & Fi Initiatives is the producer of “The Business Class” show.

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